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The Parody from FacebookWelcome to the parody known as S. Adam Day. Well, to my website,, the Online Home of S. Adam Day, a World of Fun & Dreams. Please know that my website is just like me, chaotic and ever evolving. So please bear in mind however, that it's my world of Fun and Dreams so take it as you will and feel free to comment in a logical, adult, polite manner if you feel you must comment on one of my blog posts or to send an email regarding one of the pages.

In getting the blog and the website back operational I came across my old blog posts from 2010, my oh my how time flies when you're having so much fun. It's been since 2010 since I started by journey on "No Smoking" and have never once regretted the decision to quit. It's been a tough journey to say the least and there have been days over the past couple of years with all that I have gone through that have made me want to pick one up and smoke again, but I have stood strong and with the good Lord's help, I have persevered.

My NieceIn my pursuit to live a smoke free life I have learned it is very hard to just walk away from a vice that has such a grip on your life as smoking can and does to many, nay to all that get enthralled by its alluring appeal and charm by the glamorized publicity put out by the tobacco industry. No, Iím not attempting to slam the tobacco industry, it was my ultimate choice to pick up the cigarette and smoke it just as it was finally my decision eleven years later to put it down and walk away. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my life, aside from the intense cravings, I became moody, irrational, and overweight, of which Iíve never really overcome. My decision however to walk away from it was due to my beautiful niece and the inspiration to quit. I decided when she was just barely three months old that I didnít want to be that ďUncleĒ she remembered that always stunk or had to go outside after every meal to smoke. I want to be around for years to come in her life, so I choose something that will in the end be better for me.

Spring GreetingsSit back and look around. Find out about Adam. See what my favorite hobbies are, see my likes and dislikes. Find out the music that makes me tick and the authors that I turn back to time and time again. Please feel free to visit my blog, view my posts, and if you'd like, even comment on them. Stop and look at my Literary Adventures, send me an email to give me your thoughts, comments, and questions. See the Contact Us page to find out the various ways in which you can contact Adam.

So, for now, sit back and enjoy my parody.

S Adam Day

This page was last updated: May 09, 2018 by Red Earth, PLP