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S Adam Day - Image Copyright 2017Greetings my friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens of Ochiltree County, I am S Adam Day, and I want to be YOUR next County Clerk. In 2013 I embarked upon a new journey in my life when I was gainfully employed as a Deputy County Clerk by the Honorable Stacey Brown, the current County Clerk. It was a drastic change for me, after having served in the food industry for 10 years at Pizza Hut and the retail sales industry for 10 years prior to that at Walmart, Waterhole 83 (under the Ragsdales), and Pak-A-Sak. However, it was a welcome, much needed change in my career.

When I started at the Clerk’s Office, I can say that I had no clue what I was doing, and was quite timid at some of the tasks as I'd never done anything with legal consequences, nor had anything to do with elections. I never dreamed that a true passion and love of the work would come about, but it did. I can honestly say that I do not have to get up in the mornings to go to work as it’s not work if you love what you’re doing, and I love what I do. So much so, that I want to continue to serve the residents of Ochiltree County as the next County Clerk. I never imagined loving Voter Registration and Elections as I do, but at this point I also cannot see myself not doing them.

I would truly appreciate your support and vote during this election and look forward to hearing from you, the citizens of Ochiltree County.

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